Music is as old as man. Music backdates to the ancient history of man of when man began to make intonation sounds with his voice, which seemed to excite him and even make his body dance to the intonation of sounds he feels working its way into his serotonin and dopamine production in the brain.

Music has contributed immensely to the civilization of man through the ages as the use of music was used for many cultural and mono-cultural traditions which the early man used for certain purposes.The use of music was used for worship purposes to the deities which they served at that time,it was used

for celebration purposes especially for festivities which included marriages, feasts, entertainments and all other forms of festive situations. Also, in the ancient day's music was employed in wars as they had war songs which were sung to motivate the warriors to fight for their kingdoms interest.Thus we can say that


The use of MSMusic encompasses all aspects of the human lives and not even humans alone because animals seemingly use sounds of music for purposes as well.

Historical narratives account for the fact that the power to excite people had always been relied, on the use of music. The euphoric possibilities have sometimes been recognized in all cultures around the world and it has usually been agreed on that it can be practiced in any type of condition. An example of a culture which holds music in esteem is in India.

The use of music in India has been practiced more for religious purposes than in any other purpose in history. But on the long run, as the era progressed the use of music

Alone as a religious tool was encompassed to include many varieties of events, this situation arose from the fact that a profound melody and rhythm sophistication was evolved. Thus the development of music from that period continues to progress over the years to the present.

Music production in the 20th and 21st century has similarly changed the face of the history of music forever. Technology which has risen to be a part of the human lives has similarly added colorful spectacle to the way music is conducted.

The advancement of recording tools, music mixers and other forms of musical appliances, similarly has changed the way music was conducted in the old times,

thus in a case whereby the early 20th century singers relied on the power of their enhancing voices to perform good music, the late 20th century artists and 21st century artists rely on powerful music enhancing tools which are able to assist them in producing better sounds than the human voice.

Thus this is the era we live in today. The 21st century has seen a huge number of people becoming musical artists because of the fame and financial rewards associated with the music industry, and this keeps going on the rise every day as more and more people around the world create their record labels.

But the difference between a true artist today and an artist who relies on technology to assist their deliberate musical flaws is evident as there are bodies of regulatory committees, coupled with the listeners of music who judge by what they feel is not exciting enough for their entertainment. Thus an upcoming musician is either scrutinized or rewarded for his or her performances.

In other to gain a headway in the music industry today, there are a number of factors to be considered before one actually gets to be rewarded as a result of his musical prowess. The people of the world today constantly crave music and in the 21st century, hearing music is as easy as soughing the internet and downloading a new song.

Many people are choosy about the types of songs they like to listen to as there are people who like Blues, hip-hop, Rs and Bs, Gospel and a host of others. There are people who like classic songs, operas, jazz and its likes. Therefore there is a need for any upcoming artist to create a song in one of these categories of music, of which people would really appreciate.The mistakes many upcoming artists do is that, they sometimes do a big spending on studio adjustments just to make sure, that their songs become a hit,

This Is a waste of time and money because people are more concerned at times with the lyrics of the song than the actual beat used in producing the song.

Another mistake some upcoming rock bands artists make is that they showcase their record labels to record companies before they actually produce the songs they intended to. This concept is wrong and should be avoided if you want to be a great rock band artist because these record label companies do charge a lot of money for the production and if the music doesn't go well you end up losing your money.

Be sure to not limit yourself, if you are an upcoming rock band artist and you have actually produced some hit songs which are going well in sales, then you need to be more innovative about your next track because the songs you actually have sold in the market needs to be further sold by your band artists making better songs in other to continue your popularity among the fans.

Always remember that as a rock band artist who is still on the verge up the music ladder, there is a need to familiarize your bands with the fans by doing a live concert in some open places. This would result in more support for your group and the live concerts as well provide better means to sell your tickets and make more money, also you get better connections as well.

Management is a necessary prerequisite to have as an upcoming artist. You cannot be tasked alone of doing all the work associated with the musical procedures and so, you need managerial skills for backup. When getting a manager, it is advised to get someone with bigger and better connections, someone who possesses more industry knowledge than you do.

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